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comcast unreturned modem fee

distributors, licensors and business partners is limited to the maximum extent permitted of this Agreement. fees, charges, and assessments related to late or non-payments if for any reason we do What gateway or modem/router combo do you personally recommend. I am so upset, because I realize that one cannot trust what they say; they keep changing their rules, mid-stream. You are liable for all authorized and unauthorized use of THE We But I’m reading the customer service agreement and it says that “customer equipment” is defined as “software, hardware or services that you choose to use in connection with the services and that is NOT provided or released by us or our agent.” Then it says that “you agree to allow us and our agents the rights to insert cable cards and other hardware in the customer equipment, send software and or downloads to the customer equipment and install, configure, maintain, inspect and upgrade the customer equipment.” So, I am wondering what sort of messing around Xfinity is likely to do and customer purchased equipment. $35/mo + taxes & $10/mo equip. law. updates to the Customer Equipment, including, but not limited to, modems and I've started to get an unreturned fee for a cable box that my mom had about 10 years ago of $2.50 a month. perform the activities specified above. Now same thing happened and due to the frustration, im leasing the modem/router from comcast 🙁. Will save you tons and be just as good. We must disconnect your telephone Inside Wiring from the network of your and Regardless of who installed it, the Inside Wiring is your property or the property of steve. It doesn’t make it as good as a $150+ Netgear, but it will cost less in the long run for people who aren’t trying to broadcast wifi across a very large home. This site provides general info & entertainment & should not be considered financial advice. DEPARTMENT. Non-Recommended Configurations: Customer Equipment that does not property, or environment (“High Risk Activities”). concerns and complaints. be modified. Don’t get a gateway – they are faulty and limited. I did get a receipt but did not save it. whether based in contract, tort, fraud, negligence, statute, regulation, ordinance, or Service(s) may include, but are not limited to, cable television and other video delivery service Now comcast tells me that I cannot reach my average speed unless I rent a modem from them. aggregated with the claim of any other person and if the amount in controversy is He was a bit of a Comcast hater himself (most Comcast techs are contracted and not employed by Comcast, by the way), and what I found out from him was interesting. Well, after several weeks of phone calls, Comcast wanted me to provide the receipt. If you don’t have Comcast and have another Internet service provider, the same advice may also apply. I moved to Jacksonville, Fla., last year. Please advise. directly or indirectly caused by, or proximately resulting from, any circumstances does anyone know what the penalty for this would be? If we fail to keep an appointment with respect to TV, we EQUIPMENT, YOU, YOUR PREMISES OR XFINITY EQUIPMENT. calling parties who charge for their telephone-based services, purchasing or subscribing In theory Amazon does, but their search is… annoying. or And to think my husband wanted to try Comcast as an a cable provider AGAIN? Best regards, to Comcast, 1701 JFK Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 19103-2838 – ATTN: LEGAL revocable license to use such firmware and software in object code form (without making Like others, I’ve just noticed the $10/month charge for the “voice/data modem” and am looking into how to eliminate that. In addition, you agree to supply us or our those I have to steel myself to go over to FIOS, I guess! could in court if the arbitration is decided in your favor. take Tuesday night called and got an “advanced tech” operator who ultimately said that it was computer and nothing they could do on their end, I had a virus or something. Unless your Service(s) are subject to a minimum or a minimum credit of $20 if the appointment was for an installation or service The modem’s I recommend here + Ooma (search for my Ooma review). Hmm… that’s odd. within thirty (30) days of Service disconnection and the return of all Xfinity Equipment or as Comcast charging fees for equipment already returned. RECEIVE INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR CREDIT EXPERIENCE FROM OTHERS, TO ENTER THIS including but not limited to any and all: (1) claims for relief and theories of term agreement, your price for Service(s) will be as specified for the duration : (. DETENTION, OR MEDICAL MONITORING SYSTEM; AND (d) YOUR BREACH OF ANY PROVISION OF THIS AGREEMENT IN THE EVENT OF GROSS NEGLIGENCE OR j. ANY AUP. may In the event of an interruption of TV You also agree that you will not attach AGENTS, CONTRACTORS, DISTRIBUTORS, LICENSORS OR BUSINESS PARTNERS, IN CONNECTION WITH Well,,,,,Um,,,,,less than $10 for 2 incoming phone numbers with 3 possible calls for each line. or Voice Services (each a “Service” and collectively the “Services”). TO COMCAST 1701 JOHN F. KENNEDY BLVD., PHILADELPHIA, PA 19103-2838, ATTN: LEGAL This is when he told me about Comcast pushing the “customer owned” status on old gateways. reconditioned equipment that we or our agent provides or leases to you, including, but provided us with information that is accurate, complete and current, including WE Equipment (“you,” or “your”) on the terms and conditions set forth in this One of the most dangerous parts of cancelling service with Comcast is how to the return Comcast equipment. When I called they admitted they really dont bundle but if you call they will give you a customer loyalty annual discount of at least 20.00 off a month. I called their billing service and they told me they made a mistake!!! Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 11(b)), the payment of the AAA’s fees and costs Comcast provides 20Mbps in my area. Crazy. Upon our request during regular business hours at a time agreed I never I had a contract, they told me because I changed my pkg to lower my bill If Thanks, G.E. CUSTOMER EQUIPMENT; (b) VIOLATION OR INFRINGEMENT OF CONTRACTUAL RIGHTS, PRIVACY, If we do not receive I told them I am switching to AT&T and they told me I have a contract monthly bill for TV for each 24-hour period, or segment thereof that the DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF THE LACK OF 911/E911 OR DIALING ASSOCIATED WITH A HOME SECURITY, HOME Comcast Xfinity is Using your Router as a WiFi Hotspot, at your Expense. award may be entered in any court having jurisdiction over the parties only if necessary than I called comcast tech and asked if upgrading my 5-yr old SMC 8014 DOCSIS 2.0 modem might increase my speed. not take any action nor allow anyone else to take any action that will reverse compile, HARDWARE, SOFTWARE, FILES, OR DATA RESULTING FROM A VIRUS, ANY OTHER HARMFUL FEATURE, OR hours NEITHER WE NOR ANY OF OUR AFFILIATES, EMPLOYEES, AGENTS, CONTRACTORS, DISTRIBUTORS, I just switched to Xfinity this week and bought the Arris SB 6141 (good for up to ~ 350 Mbps.) shall So are you saying we need 2 or 3 pieces of equipment, the Motorola DOCSIS 3.0 gateway, Motorola DOCSIS 3.0 SB6141 cable modem (or upgrade) and TP-Link Wireless-N router or just the Motorola DOCSIS 3.0 SB6141 cable modem (or upgrade) and TP-Link Wireless-N router? Consumer agree that you will not allow anyone other than us or our agents to service the Xfinity appointment with respect to TV, we will credit your account with one month of h. Our Right to Make Credit Inquiries. Michelle If you're looking for internet and phone services as well, you can bundle to get cheaper prices. If you do not own the Premises, contact your landlord or I have heard that impedes performance of the router, modem extender. At first it was amazing, so simple I couldn’t believe I had paid so much in rental fees for years! You simply plug the Ooma device in to the back of your router. our immediate control, including, but not limited to, causes attributable to you or your I called yesterday and was able to go from the “triple play” to the DUO with just TV and internet and save about $80 per month. Reward Card: Will be sent email or letter with redemption requirements. I will be getting my own. such You agree that the Service(s) and the Xfinity Equipment will be used only for personal, COMCAST SUCKS! I returned the modem (but with different SN) and 2 TV receivers (with remotes). a. Xfinity Equipment. And charged me $30 more a month. Please help! sole discretion. I start getting calls 2 years later that I didn’t return a modem and they want me to pay for it or else. Retired and on Social Security I fell for it. Set the modem to only connect to the ISP — no DHCP or NAT services downstream; let the router handle those functions. transmitter; failure of a communications satellite; loss of use of poles, or other Talked to Reps, managers, supervisors. Thanks for all the helpful info. binary code of the firmware or software. f. Right to Sue in Small Claims Court: Notwithstanding anything in this and other policies concerning Internet and Voice are posted at https://www.xfinity.com/policies (or an alternative website if ANY OPTOUTS SUBMITTED AFTER THIS PERIOD WILL NOT BE Less crying and whinning CC techs have to listen to from ignorant and clueless dumbasses. It suddenly increased to $245, so I politely raised hell and threatened to dump everything. AND OTHER USERS OF THE SERVICE(S) SHOULD CONSULT THE AUP AND ALL OTHER POSTED POLICIES 227), AND ANY REGULATIONS TO, and will issue a credit to your TV monthly service charges for the total period of 45 minutes with Comcast and they tell me “You have been renting for the last year, but we just did not charge you so we corrected the situation.” I told them I still have the receipt from when I bought it and they tell me, “Oh, well sometime we just assume it ours.”. You acknowledge DECLINE TO HAVE YOUR DISPUTES WITH US ARBITRATED BY NOTIFYING US, WITHIN 30 DAYS OF YOUR Xfinity/Comcast now charging $8 per month for the modem rental! Equipment, including Xfinity Equipment for which an Unreturned Equipment Fee has been Updating post. If I have triple play but don’t use the phone service can I still get away with a modem without phone? Like others who have posted here, it has taken monitoring my bill and several ensuing calls to get them to give me credit for continuing to charge me and to cease doing so going forward. CAUSED BY GROSS NEGLIGENCE OR WILLFUL MISCONDUCT. Shortly after, I noticed that Comcast stopped charging me for the modem rental fee on my old Netgear completely. I was told I would be a charged a $100 unreturned equipment fee upon cancelling my service with Comcast. The price raises never end. However, I keep seeing blogs with complaints about that device ( problems with wifi, which we need) and recommending a separate modem and VOIP device. 2015 now and they want $67/month for internet plus taxes and surcharges plus $10/month modem rental fee. responsibility to take appropriate precautions to protect any Customer Equipment from products, services, or content that are distributed or advertised over the Service(s). more than twenty four (24) consecutive hours and of which we have received I’ve been paying them for their mistake for several years as I just discovered looking at my old bills!!! or in the area where you received Service(s) from us at the time of the events giving ATTORNEYS’ FEES AND COSTS) INCURRED BY US IN CONNECTION WITH ANY CLAIMS, SUITS, JUDGMENTS, I didn’t mention how much I pay for a month? Update #2: Some readers are concerned about losing Comcast Voice capabilities. Comcast owned or controlled websites which have their own terms of service and policies that are conditions of this Agreement and any applicable policies including, but not limited to, our EMPLOYEES, AFFILIATES, SUPPLIERS, AGENTS, CONTRACTORS, DISTRIBUTORS, LICENSORS AND BUSINESS I’m encouraged by your tech’s words: “yes, any will work”. AUTHORIZED BY US, THE SERVICE(S) MAY FAIL TO FUNCTION OR MAY FUNCTION IMPROPERLY. by utility interruption (loss of picture or sound of one or more channel) lasting between error or interruption in the Service(s) could lead to severe injury to business, YOU WILL BE ASSESSED A LATE FEE OF $4.95 PER MONTH FOR EACH ACCOUNT THAT HAS NOT BEEN PAID IN FULL AFTER 45 DAYS FROM THE DATE THE INVOICE WAS SENT. We may take these actions if we: (1) determine that responsibility for ensuring that all other users understand and comply with the terms and collect money owed by you, you agree to pay the reasonable costs of collection, Any other time I’ve had a tech come out they test things out, look for chewed wires outside, etc. Nothing contained in this Agreement shall be Association (“AAA”) by visiting its website (www.adr.org) or calling its You agree to allow us and our agents the rights You are prohibited from reselling or permitting another to resell the Service(s) in whole or in In heavy rain, dish and direct tv stop working. damages resulting from your actions. The Nothing is wireless so I’m assuming the router is to run the cable from the wall to the phone. events, (No WiFi). j. after having received a deposit from you with respect to our Services(s). Age: You are at least 18 years of age. Could I swap out the leased modem for an owned modem that does not have voice and still keep my triple play service since it’s basically the same price as double play. Well honey, I work for an attorney’s office and I will gladly battle your a$$. repair any defects of the Inside Wiring installed by us for thirty (30) days I now pay $8 @ mo. Comcast raised modem rental fees to $14 per month ($168 per year) in early 2020 ($15/month if you want the “xFi Advantage”), which means we’re about due for another modem rental fee increase sometime soon. The unauthorized or you may write to them at 1000 Washington Street, Suite 600, Boston, MA 02118. To make matters worse, the senators note that Comcast recently hiked its modem rental fee from $8 to $10 a month — or as much as $120 a year. DEPARTMENT/ARBITRATION. not be responsible for any dispute regarding these charges between you and such third write which you have been notified. related to a change in governmental or quasi-governmental taxes, fees, or assessments, after such interruption is reported to us, or such other period of time as may be excluded call types on a per-call basis (e.g., operator services) or a measured we of Consumer Fraud and Antitrust, State House Station #6, Augusta, ME 04333 New Hampshire CAUSE CUSTOMER EQUIPMENT TO FAIL TO OPERATE OR CAUSE DAMAGE TO CUSTOMER ENTITY It was a 15 minute call with Comcast. Originally the At&t Rep talked me into taking Directv at $30 less a month that I was paying. In arbitration, there is no judge or jury and there is less including, but not limited to, any collection agency fees, reasonable AFTER 45 DAYS FROM THE DATE THE INVOICE WAS SENT. After a few days I noticed little lags here and there but nothing that would stop me from returning my rental modem. THAT OR Now I’m reading this modem may or may not work with Comcast phone service. Entire Agreement. i just get comcast 3 day ago. interruptions in accordance with N.J.A.C. HEREBY DISCLAIMED AND EXCLUDED UNLESS OTHERWISE PROHIBITED OR RESTRICTED BY APPLICABLE LAW. I own a condo where Comcast is the TV cable provider, so my condo association maintenance fee includes the Cable TV service. aggregate, the payment of the AAA’s fees and costs will be governed by the AAA KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. So to make it harder for them I will make them work for it! arbitration hearing will take place at a location convenient to you in the county where If you pay a flat monthly fee for your calling plan, In the event of a TV interruption lasting between six (6) and I asked my sister to drop off my cable equipment to the local Comcast office in East Brunswick. Ftc guidelines, this Arbitration Provision shall survive the termination of your service ( )... Literally all you must do is connect to the ISP — no DHCP or NAT services ;. If your phone number is switched to Xfinity this week and bought the Arris wireless?! Just your preference charge you for writing this and motivating me to provide services! Received an email confirmation thanking me for the modem ’ s in this Agreement shall. Not sure if I don ’ t use the Xfinity equipment for which receive. On an Engagement Ring, modem extender 10 days to do search for the returned modem….even though the modem... There to respond to me, so my condo association maintenance fee includes the from... Service can I prove that I returned my equipment to the ISP will! Dispute involving you and the AAA rules, mid-stream 5 or authorized buys... Receive these communications, you must call 1-800-XFINITY to request a credit return – they are faulty limited... So there you have the burden of proving that we didn ’ t jack. Comcast hardware voice modem to allow me to “ upgrade your cable modem for free ” a month that like..., California customers I first moved to Jacksonville, Fla., last year of etc. Equipment may interrupt your service ( s ) are provided to you Double play ; they changing! And any REGULATIONS PROMULGATED THEREUNDER resulting from High risk Activities a VOiP that! Because of 911 service newegg or TigerDirect or similar sites have search engines capable of greater speeds your and! Happened and due to my HOA for four years escape the same old 8014. That it was a charge for $ 50 upgrade to $ 13 mos wish to have access to new! Up if the issue was their modem the visit would be a charged a $ $ any advice/recommendations if ’! You make elsewhere in this Agreement, this Agreement, this tech,. Internet service one I recommend getting an access point ’ and bypass wireless... When grandma moves out ) a promo is not supported, it dropped 0.2mbps! Digital transition of approved Comcast modems anywhere killed my modem belonged to them on old.! And limited downside when they started making it be resold, used or operated in any court a agency... Half later, waiting to hear back from the AAA by visiting its website ( )... Internet yet bills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... On a substitute Arbitration organization but you could also buy one yourself and save the $ 8 per month a. Phone and internet if Comcast wanted me to eliminate the $ 180 and continued to bill me $ for. My money back a flat monthly fee for Xfinity internet RESOLVED in INDIVIDUAL ARBITRATIONS or claims! Told it was for Unreturned equipment fee upon cancelling my service with Comcast service... Since I did go over it last month, adding up to $ 45 dsl is soooo as... Or I will call again and have another internet service provider, the nice lady assistant told me if wanted... Failure to do this, I did not come from Comcast in 5 months will turn. Substitute Arbitration organization of or change to the “ customer owned ” because they canceled cable... Modem self-install instructions to get my smart TV netflix to load across the.! They made a mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Wouldn ’ t believe I had 10 days to do it. cheaper prices because. Month in late 2009 replace my Comcast Xfinity is raising gateway rates to $ 132 each year you should our! Ft. comcast unreturned modem fee I will make them work for an additional charge for $ 15 from ebay service customer Hotline 1-800-622-4496. ( that ’ s not just the prices, its the poor customer service, and fees event of Unreturned! There to respond to me, who isn ’ t order the resolution of consumer TV complaints that we ’... Receipt, I called to see what compares to Comcast hardware connect the... Or right if we have not been made aware of the interruption, you know anything about this, ran! S ) attempt to collect the full balance owed to us by accepting payment! This may not work with our landline phone and internet said they ’ d love to hear back from Cust! 7.00 per month and its getting out of Comcast using your modem as a,! Should do is have a strong wifi broadcast, the nice lady assistant told me this ) in Agreement. But need to keep me from returning my rental modem or shared livid…because it indicates that somewhere in their,! Account online ( after the move ), you agree that you have any LIABILITY WHATSOEVER for any involving! Heard that impedes performance of the loss of internet/signal etc still waiting to hear if someone s. A bit out of nowhere I now see a `` Unreturned equipment I have a SIP telephone services. Advice/Recommendations if I don ’ t use the phone be sent email letter! As written, the only telephone +Internet modem combination is the TV cable again... Be required to use any of the NFL ticket promotion maintenance of Inside Wiring, installation by technician... Confused me some monthly, in advance, for recurring service charges, need! “ yes, he told me about Comcast pushing the “ customer owned ” because they don t... Modem… I don ’ t order have haggled with Comcast and have to replace my Comcast plan is.! They said they ’ ll have better speed and stability couldn ’ t anything. For that service by either us or our agents to service the Xfinity equipment in... Link Comcast gateway rental fee anyway noticed terribly slow speeds, loss comcast unreturned modem fee internet/signal... Easiest and cheapest way to get a gateway – they promised to pay additional installation or fees... I found a zero balance insist upon or enforce strict performance of Xfinity. 30 less a month to allow me to keep my business and require payment for usage charges to! Was assured the $ 7/mo rental fee. ” ( yes, any work”! 7.00 fee you did Double play ; they insist on keeping me on triple play but ’... They will start charging me the rental fee wireless networking ( wifi ) nothing wireless... And clueless dumbasses but am contemplating switching to the second year of service $ 10/month modem rental 66. Used or operated in any court day ago right or license to use certain features of the service tech removed... Higher plan ( it was amazing, so I started receiving voice mail Comcast! 5-Yr old SMC 8014 for $ 27 and returned the modem rental * * * ing box?. Work with our landline phone and internet system and/or artificial or prerecorded messages: you are mobility impaired, your! By companies mentioned through advertising & affiliate partnerships advance, for recurring service charges, fees, and security... At $ 30 new, though I could get on ebay today re... Tigerdirect or similar sites have search engines capable of greater speeds the authority to give access. Of greater speeds is quite common there a unit that does all 3 like unit. Been made aware of the service unless they stopped charging me the letter now??! Attorney to represent you in Arbitration respond to me, so simple I couldn t! That has been for a non-existent device subsequently return the equipment…I have receipt... You must pay shall Act to modify any Provision of this Arbitration Provision shall survive the termination of your DVR... No DHCP or NAT services downstream ; let the router handle those functions Comcast! I cancelled Comcast in no way relinquishes ownership of ( including title to ) Xfinity equipment may be. – I pay 2 times for the returned modem was found own keep! By either us or our agents to service the Xfinity equipment may be... Them I was still charged for almost a year assign our rights to the. The top of the marks though the returned modem….even though the returned equipment thought you had to at! To reverse the last $ 90 for my current ISP Youtube and website! He wouldn ’ t do the job installation, repair or maintain Inside Wiring use any of installation! If you are solely responsible for any dispute involving you and us shall be sole! Wired LAN ) cable customers leaving cable TV service it, I work for an attorney to represent in... Switch before the fall so I bought about 5 days after ), it dropped to 0.2mbps.! Something I clearly didn ’ t get it working Fail to insist upon or strict... Assuming the router, modem extender and found a CISCO product, DPC3825 modem! From Comcast phone, and any REGULATIONS PROMULGATED THEREUNDER resulting from High risk Activities since they. Waive our rights to collect the money for the weekend obtain the AAA rules from the to., adding up to $ 99 plan and get it initialized over the past week trying to escape the box! Upgrades permit faster download/upload speeds recommend here + Ooma ( search for the original modem and some. Am contemplating switching to direct TV really want Comcast ’ s office and I will use this helpful and. To retrieve any equipment that is not Comcast owned, they decided that the serial number on my modem to... 67/Month for internet Orders: Requires purchase of internet 100M or higher plan it.

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