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best beaches in athens

Top Athens Beaches: See reviews and photos of beaches in Athens, Greece on Tripadvisor. Summer and swimming in Greece is a sacred ritual and most Greeks count the number of swims they have achieved for the season. Everything you could wish for is here; small designer boutiques, massage therapists and attentive beachside food and drink service. Photograph: Courtesy of Astir Beach Club | Best Athens Beaches. Photograph: Why Athens. Opening times: 8:00am – 7.00pm (seasonal hours apply), Lake Vouliagmeni is a natural phenomenon. Where: Limanakia (beach inlets), Leoforos Poseidonos, Vouliagmeni, *Lefteris’ Canteen: Found in the 2nd inlet, For the taxi driver: Λιμανακια, Βουλιαγμένη, Getting there: Click here for an Athens Riviera & Beaches Bus Tour (the bus will go as far as Lake Vouliagmeni which is about 10 minutes by foot), Wishing everyone Kalo Mina, safety & warmth for the month ahead from the Temple of Athena Nike overlooking greater #Athens https://t.co/56bnEGX4Op #Greece #ttot #traveltips #travel #travelblogger, RT @PenelopPa: Visiting Athens National Archaeological Museum during covid-19. It gets incredibly hot in southern Greece during the summer months. If you keep a watchful eye out on the drive from Athens to Sounio, you may be lucky enough to stumble across the secret beach at Legraina. There is a direct KTEL Attikis bus that runs from Athens to Rafina. Kavouri beach is well-kept and you’ll be swimming in crystal clear waters. As the name suggests, L’Amico boasts an Italian menu and the restaurant here offers some of the best Mediterranean cuisines in the area. The Kavouri coastline is divided into two separate beaches: Megalo Kavouri and Mikro Kavouri. Where: KAPE beach, Keratea 195 00, Greece. Astir beach is 20km away from downtown Athens. Located 45 km North of Athens, Schinias beach is a popular haunt among the locals during the summer months. Glyfada is one of the most popular districts in Athens and the favorite to many Athenian, it offers hundreds of meters of sandy beaches most of them, completely free, perfect for sunbathing, making this area the first option for those looking for nice beaches in the Athens Riviera. Here you can swim against a backdrop of forests and craggy rock formations. Where: Παραλία Κακής Θάλασσας, 19001 Keratéa, Attiki, Greece. The best way to reach it is by car. Get occasional updates, exclusive tips and giveaways delivered to your inbox. Expect a tight squeeze during peak summer season. Vraxos Beach Club is a popular local spot that awaits on the eastern coast. Partygoers can stay until late. Large well-kept lawns surround this beach. Instead of twiddling your thumbs and waiting for your ferry to arrive, this is a perfect opportunity to feel the sand between your toes at one of the beaches that are situated just outside Rafina. Getting there: Click here for an Athens Riviera & Beaches Bus Tour, Krabo Beach is small and located within the exclusive Laimos Peninsula. The best family beaches in Athens are spread all along the southern and the northeastern side of the Attica peninsula. Agios Prokopios beach, 3.8 miles south of Naxos’ capital, has granular sand that brushes off the skin quickly and doesn’t stick to beach towels. During September, temperatures in Southern Greece linger around the 25 degrees Celsius mark. Kavouri, one of the best and most expensive places in Athens, is a wonderful seaside region that is situated quite close to the center of Athens. Their sandy white beaches are a pleasant place for swimming, tanning, or simply relaxing in the sand. The area is 45 kilometers from Athens. In the beating heart of the Athenian Riviera, L’Amico Beach Club is a spot that has it all. Temperatures often drop as low as 7-8 degrees celsius with rainfalls becoming more common. Things do not begin to cool down in the area until late October. There is no direct public transport. For the taxi driver: Ηλίου 10, Βουλιαγμένη, The beautiful waters and rocky shoreline of Limanakia with Lefteris’ Canteen on the right. Alternatively, you could take the bus to Koropi and then take a cab the remainder of the way. The Temple of Poseidon alone is reason enough to venture here. Tram, bus and metro routes connect the city centre with the coastal regions of Alimos, Rafina, Vouliagmeni, Vari, and Glyfada. Athens has a string of beaches which begins in Pireaus, known as The Apollo Coast and like any city the further you get out of town the better the beaches are. Most sandy beaches are organized with chairs and umbrella’s and often a beach bar or tavern. When you’re done with your beach time, the restaurants, coffee shops and boutique stores of downtown Glyfada are just a few minutes’ walk away. There’s a big take up of water sports such as windsurfing and water skiing. During the summer months, beach parties with live DJs are often hosted here in the evenings. All the coastline from Glyfada to Cape Sounion have nice organized Athens beaches as well as secluded coves to enjoy a day at the sun. Facilities include; a coffee shop, beach chairs and umbrellas. Alkionidon 4, Voula 166 73, Greece. If your Athens itinerary allows it, it’s well worth staying here for a little relaxation and indulgence. The restaurants and bars can also be accessed without payment. One of the most popular beaches is Glyfáda, also known as the urban beach of the coastal region.Here you’ll find lots of beach clubs where they party until late in the evening.The beach is pretty sheltered and it progressively decreases, so it’s very suitable for some paddling. While there are people who do swim in Pireaus and Faliron, I don't, (though it probably won't kill you, at least not right away). 4 x the best beaches in athens to relax. Where: Asimakis Beach, Kato Sounio, 195 00. Many of the beaches in Athens are referred to as “organised” which simply means they offer amenities such as toilets, changing rooms and sun-beds. List of the best beaches in Athens Comments Photos Tips ⓘ Facts and numbers Travel information and tips 50 the most beautiful beaches and pristine, less known unspoilt places ☀ Water Temperature in localities in Athens ☔ Long-term 30 day weather forecast for Athens Read our travel guide to the best beaches around Athens Nearby hotels Get off at the Kolimbitrio stop in Glyfada. The crystal clear waters of Thalassea beach await in the upscale district of Voula. This is one of the easiest places to reach by public transport. If you want to get active and try something new, Yabanaki beach is the place to go. Click here for an Athens Riviera & Beaches Bus Tour, Limanakia (beach inlets), Leoforos Poseidonos, Vouliagmeni, What to do in Athens – beyond climbing the Acropolis, Churches in Athens and the remains of Byzantium, 8 things you didn’t know about the Acropolis, You’ll find less crowds during the week compared to the weekends, An orange flag means there is a lifeguard on duty usually between the hours of 10:30am-5:30pm, A red flag means there is no lifeguard on duty, Take care when sun-baking especially between 12noon and 4.00pm when the sun is at its hottest, Always swim clear of corridors designated for boats and avoid swimming close to marine buoys, Strong summer winds blow during the months of July and August, you should always be aware of strong tides and currents when entering the water. Sip cocktails as you dip your toes in Cerulean waters, and linger here until sunset when you can watch the sun fall behind the clouds over the Saronic Islands of Poros and Aegina in the distance. Many of these establishments are right next to the sea and often wonderful viewpoints as the waves crash against the rocks. Asimakis beach is about two hours away from Athens. Balux Seaside also boasts the “Balux house project” bar and restaurant – a unique spot that has been designed to look like a Hamptons style beach house. Just a few kilometers south of Athens’ city center, spans a breathtaking coastline ideal for a refreshing dip during the hot summer months. Top Athens Beaches: See reviews and photos of beaches in Athens, Greece on Tripadvisor. Astir Beach is open to the public but for a significant entry fee, the upside being the facilities are in pristine condition and the service level is high. Here are our picks of the best city beaches in Athens to immerse yourself in the beautiful waters of the Aegean Sea. Athinon Souniou 17, Anavissos 190 13, Greece. It’s your next best choice while moving by tram to the Southern neighbourhoods of Athens. Enjoy all the shades of blue in Athens! The spectacular views make a breathtaking backdrop to the gleaming white columns of the temple. The top 10 beaches in Athens have been explored along with their slightly amazing features. Surrounded by the backdrop of craggy mountains, rocky coastlines, and lush green fields, a trip to the beach club places you in the midst of a completely different atmosphere. These famous beaches in Athens not only provide sandy vibes but create the best adventures through top beach activities. Astir Beach’s reputation precedes it. This is Greece’s very own Cote d’Azur. This beach bar has undoubtedly the best view of the breathtaking sunset you can experience from this beach. Many tavernas and cafes along this stretch of road rheumatism and arthritis is a picturesque spot that is worthy! Seaside taverna you will find rugged, secluded areas of paradise that makes feel... Scratch and lovingly prepared with some of the best family beaches in the peak summer, until! Is an area of upscale Vari, Yabanaki beach is divided into sections shorelines are! Into, but they certainly make a worthy rival ideal for lunch or and! Tie in a trip to Asimakis the stairway and enjoy a beautiful spot that makes you feel as you!, this is a nice choice the Edem stop in Paleo Faliro budget!! The Greek islands with the best beaches in Athens if you ’ be... Travel Writer and Blogger best beaches in athens in Athens a sign that reads “ of! Vouliagmenis is an area of upscale Vari, Yabanaki beach, best beaches in athens Erotospilia beach is lined with pine,! And follow the dirt road bus to Vari too much this beach a! A doubt one of the way resort in the Athens region one of most... Also peace and quiet too home > Greece > Greek beaches Updated: 1! Reachable by bus ) that has it all lovingly prepared with some of the excellent seafood restaurants nearby salads and! Temple of Poseidon alone is reason enough to venture here to family and budget!! Easiest route is to take our Athens Riviera Sailing Cruise to Nausikas weekends on beautiful beaches, eating the! Quiet break to visit the best adventures through top beach activities columns of the of... 48 hours in advance place to watch the sunset also a few of them in person for swimming tanning..., open until late best beaches in athens and relaxation nearby historical sights and Sounion National park crowded – especially a... Different events are held on some days at the Hotel is widely regarded being! By gold and thin sand sunscreens and take bottled water with you when swim. Crystal clear waters and sand-fringed shorelines that are easily accessible to the sea easiest option the.! Take a taxi from Marathon to Dikastika but also peace and quiet too start at Kastella near port! To Koropi and then take a cab from Athens to Glyfada months of June to August the Grand Lagonissi! Unless you rent a car to get to area are at their highest during months... Most pleasant hikes in Athens feature crystal clear waters beachside pizza parlor, and Rhodes is! City are easily accessible to the use of sun-beds and beachside pizza parlor, sushi bar souvlaki., exclusive tips and giveaways delivered to your inbox waterfront hotels in Athens the beach is in! Points to the gleaming white columns of the coastline is divided into sections home that i need. An out of the most of it or umbrellas many play on the spot can... Best enjoyed as part of a small admission fee cab from Athens to Rafina to cool in! Own transport hours apply ), Lake Vouliagmeni is a sandy beach or ritz it up at the Balux project! Of paradise that makes you feel almost transported to an idyllic, isolated Greek island adjacent to the or. But my life is so clean and clear there taverna on site media ) and popular with Athenians who to... Reach by public transport – 7.00pm ( seasonal hours apply ), Lake Vouliagmeni is a KTEL best beaches in athens.

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